Courtesy of Roby Brock’s Talk Business, here are Speaker Petrus’ key appointments to committee leadership:

Revenue & Tax – Rep. Keven Andersen, Chair; Rep. Allen Maxwell, Vice-chair


Agriculture & Economic Development – Rep. Tommy Dickinson, Chair; Rep. James Norton, Vice-chair

Insurance & Commerce – Rep. Sid Rosenbaum, Chair; Rep. David Wyatt, Vice-chair


Public Health, Welfare and Labor – Rep. Eddie Cooper, Chair; Rep. Johnny Key, Vice-chair

Education – Rep. Meke Kinney, Chair; Rep. Bill Abernathy, Vice-chair


Judiciary – Rep. Robert Jeffery, Chair; Rep. Mark Pate, Vice-chair

State Agencies – Rep. Jeff Wood, Chair; Rep. Rick Saunders, Vice-chair


Transportation, Technology & Legislative Affairs – Rep. Robbie Wills, Chair; Rep. Frank Glidewell, Vice-chair

City, County & Local Affairs – Rep. Stephanie Flowers, Chair; Rep. David Johnson, Vice-chair


Aging, Children & Youth – Rep. Linda Chesterfield, Chair; Rep. Dawn Creekmore, Vice-chair

Rules – Rep. David Dunn, Chair; Rep. Otis Davis, Vice-chair


Rep. Chris Thyer and Rep. Bruce Maloch have already been announced as the respective Chair and Vice-chair of the Joint Budget Committee for the House.

If you’re counting, that’s three Republicans in charge of very important committees — Rev and Tax, Insurance and Commerce and Education.

School people have been nervous about Education Committee appointments. If Project Vote Smart data are any clue,  there’s reason to be nervous about Kenney. Abernathy’s record is better.

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