The Washington Post is reporting that a small group of American military personnel went into southern Somalia to see who got killed by the airstrike carried out earlier this week. It seems none of the “high-value targets” were hit, although an official said eight to 10 people who are “suspected of terrorist links” were killed.

Earlier, the American government was saying the bossman of Al Quaeda in East Africa had been zapped by a surgical air strike.


If you are old enough to have lived through the Vietnam era, this sort of stuff causes the hair on the back of your neck to stand up.

All Bush needs is for old William Westmoreland to do the daily briefings about body-counts and “kill ratios” (meaning, sure, some American troops were ‘sacrificed,’ but we killed more of them than they did of us) and “free-fire zones” and “search-and-destroy” operations.


Iraq (and, tangentially, our troops) are lucky the country has no forests for us to “defoliate” with Agent Orange and, in the process, poison the young Americans Bush/Cheney/Rummy sent to war there.