Another chapter in the case of the family fishing car that I leave parked on the street, unlocked so as to avoid broken windows. I mentioned that the cheap radio was finally ripped off the other night. I discovered this morning on closer inspection that the thief also walked off with a pair of discuses in a canvas carrying bag. I suspect he was no budding Al Oerter, but found the contents useful for crashing windows of cars farther up the street. As a precaution, I’ve now hauled the shotputs inside.

Should anybody see a Gill wooden discus or a black plastic discus with a silver rim or a Gill canvas carrying bag (mine’s like this, but white with black lettering) along the streets of Hillcrest, let me know.

I do want to  take this opportunity to thank the city for forcing the hoboes out of wherever they once camped to the hillside of Knoop Park, handy for evening promenades along our quiet, poorly lit street. Heckuva job.