A contributor to the Daily Kos blog joined in a National Review meeting in Washington last weekend to get a read on the conservative opposition. Read down in the link and you’ll find extensive coverage of Mike Huckabee’s appearance shortly after his announcement for president on Tim Russert. The writer came away favorably impressed by Huckabee’s likable speaking style — he calls him “the human apple pie.” He also related a story told by Huckabee that we don’t recall reading about in local media.

Finally he tells us the story of Martha, a school teacher in Little Rock, who took all the desks away from her students one morning and said she wouldn’t give them back until they figured out how they’d earned them. Nobody could come up with the answer, and the story grew throughout the day, until by the afternoon the news media were camped out in the classroom with the puzzled students, and Martha opened the door and in walked 27 veterans, each one carrying a desk, and Martha says this is how you earned them; never forget those who were willing to shed their blood for you. And here Huckabee’s voice cracks a little and a shiver runs down my spine. “We must never forget,” he says. “We must never forget how we got here.”

Standing ovation.

Speaking of Mike Huckabee: The Wall Street Journal today carries an op-ed on him under the dual byline of Paul Greenberg and Kane Webb of the Democrat-Gazette. It’s an edited version of the newspaper’s editorial Thursday — referenced and linked in this earlier blog item — which, after some talk about presidential politics backed into some criticism of Huckabee for his thin-skinned reaction to newspaper coverage and his attack on a D-G reporter particularly.


UPDATE: Our attention is called to another broadside by the Club for Growth against Huckabee on his tax policies. A certain throwaway tabloid is quoted.