Go ask Alice if this isn’t true. Mike Huckabee is slated for an appearance Sunday on George Stephanopoulos’ Sunday show on ABC. Tune in, turn on. Or is it turn on, tune in? I never could remember.

And here’s a Huckabee quote from a good political blog:


Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) told a group of reporters this morning that if he’s still considered a second-tier candidate by September, “then he’ll rethink his candidacy,” reports The Hotline.

He pointed to the Iowa straw poll in August “as the first benchmark where he said he’ll have to do ‘better than expected.'”

USA Today covered the same breakfast. Their report indicates Huckabee has crafted a sound-bite on the war.

What about Bush’s leadership of the war? The administration seemed ill-prepared to deal with the situation that followed after Saddam Hussein was ousted, he said. “There does seem to be an 18-minute gap … between the toppling of Saddam Hussein and the establishment of a stable democracy” there.

Make that a four-year gap. 


But here’s the Wall Street Journal with a sound bite of the moderate Huckabee:

The family that prays together doesn’t have to worry about the absence of government-mandated prayer in public schools, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee told a group of reporters today.

The comments from Huckabee, who recently stepped down after a successful decade as Arkansas governor, were something of a surprise coming from the former Southern Baptist minister who has enjoyed support from Christian conservatives in his political climb — and hopes to do so again in his bid for Republicans’ 2008 presidential nomination. Decades after the Supreme Court struck down prayer in public schools as an unconstitutional violation of religious freedom, the issue continues to rankle Christian conservativates.

But Huckabee said he never could understand why so many people “railed against (the absence of) prayer in schools when they didn’t even pray at home.”

Finally, one last squib from the Christian Science Monitor breakfast, this one from The Hill:


Turning to more local issues, Huckabee also discussed his recent spat with the Arkansas press, which started when he wrote an op-ed piece in The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette taking issue with the paper’s coverage of the decisions he made during the recent gubernatorial transition. The piece was published the same day he announced his candidacy on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Huckabee penned the opinion piece after a reporter wrote several stories questioning why the governor had used state funds to destroy state-owned computer hard drives. In the column, the former governor singled out the reporter by name, saying he had been “misleading if not dishonest.”

In subsequent comments, Huckabee was quoted as dismissing the reporting as “Jayson Blair, Janet Cooke stuff” — in other words, fabrication.

Huckabee explained it was standard operating procedure that led to the destruction of the hard drives — an action needed to protect the personal data of employees and constituents. But he also conceded he was given to hyperbole at times.

“It’s one of the things that has gotten me in a lot of trouble,” Huckabee said with a smile, adding that in his younger days, teachers sometimes referred to him as “Metaphor Mike.”

He joked that between his frequent use of metaphors and his sense of humor, which he admits is sometimes off the mark, he will “probably pay a dear price.”

Yes, except that sometimes he doesn’t issue his metaphors with a smile. And often, he hopes no one calls them on them.