Brummett’s love affair with Speaker Petrus continues. He believes Sen. Robert Thompson’s bill to require a one-year waiting period before a legislator may become a lobbyist (present legislative company excepted) was directed by Petrus to Rules Committee to insure passage.

Big whoop. Brummett is right in saying it is better than nothing, but only marginally. It doesn’t apply to current legislators, for one thing. For another it is only one year, not enough to prevent money-making in the inevitable extension of the next legislature. It does nothing about the existing situation in which legislators are still effectively on-floor lobbyists for recipients of public money by holding jobs with those agencies for the primary purpose of serving as legislative advocates.

I’ll believe these guys are serious about ethics when they approve Will Bond’s amendment to end lobby entertainment of legislators.

Delphi, as we mentioned in an earlier item, is whomping up on Jay Greene, the Waltons’ agent for teacher union busting in the Wal-Mart university branch in Fayetteville, and bemoaming the Taliban’s victory over equal rights for women.