As we hinted last night, the Democrat-Gazette today had more reporting on the infamous ugly e-mail sent by a Houston Nutt family friend to Hog quarterback Mitch Mustain. It was one of the reasons Mustain left the troubled Razorback football team.

The need for in-depth reporting is apparent. Notified of the ugly e-mail, Chancellor John White turned over a response to the source of Mustain’s problem — coach Houston Nutt. He then washed his hands of the matter and even today dodges the press on the ugly matter. The angry Nutt friend who helped make Mustain decide to quit the Hogs has been banished from the sidelines. But a remonstrance of her was belated, as was a Nutt response to the Mustain family. And nowhere in the official action is any sort of apology or correction issued to the football coach’s wife for circulating this childish diatribe to others.

Pitiful stuff. This is one time that Houston Nutt may rest assured that he is right — this newspaper clip will be shared with heralded recruits nationwide interested in how Hogville can treat athletes who fall out of favor.

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