Given a couple of days, the D-G didn’t advance the ball many yards today on the Broyles story. There’s barely a hint of the roiled waters beneath today’s announcement of Frank Broyles’ transition to retirement. Plenty of quotes from UA Trustee, real estate magnate and major jock force Jim Lindsey. Note that his vigorous defense of Broyles, and the fact that Broyles will be leaving, suggests that Lindsey was outvoted on the Board of Trustees on the question of whether change was in order. I’ve been told that, in the end, Lindsey didn’t want a vote on a forced change because it would illustrate he no longer called all the shots when it came to athletics at the UA. (I suspect he’ll still call plenty, however.)

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UPDATE: The ceremony is done, but the only coverage I’ve seen so far repeats what we already knew, that he’d be retiring by the end of the year, his 50th at UA. He’ll be asked to stay on as a “consultant” to the university, Chancellor John White said. We told you Thursday there’d be a multi-year deal to employ him as a fund-raiser and goodwill ambassador. That’s a KTHV screen shot of Broyles speech to the UA Board. Broyles met privately with the UA Board and then spoke publicly, as did others, including Jerry Jones, the former Hog who owns the Dallas Cowboys. Not a discouraging word was spoken. No mention yet if any of  Key memers of the coaching staff were on hand, including Houston Nutt, Stan Heath and John McDonnell.