Now it’s Salon (you’ll have to watch an ad to see it, I think), covering the Bush administration putsch of prosecutors to install political hatchet men like Tim Griffin in U.S. attorney slots around the country. Senate confirmation of U.S. attorneys is for sissies and Democrats, not the Cheney administration. Says Salon:

Former officials, legal scholars and U.S. lawmakers from both parties have publicly questioned the administration’s stated rationale for the firings and have suggested troubling theories about the real reasons for the purge, which experts say is without precedent. Some former Justice Department officials say they believe the administration’s moves are a politically driven power grab — aimed not only at a tighter grip on policy from Washington, but also at creating openings with which to reward their friends and build up a bench of conservative loyalists positioned to serve in powerful posts in future administrations.

Come November 2008, we expect to see the Republican putsch bear fruit. Prediction: U.S. attorneys will send SWAT teams to areas with traditionally rich Democratic votes to intimidate and suppress voters. But don’t look for SWAT teams in Republican-rich Benton County, even though it was home to the single biggest vote irregularity of 2006, repeatedly changing vote counts that began — and was reported with a straight face — with vote totals exceeding the number of registered voters.