Jennifer Barnett Reed reports:

Chalk one up for the Wal-Mart lobbyists: The House brought the charter school bill it defeated two days ago back for a second vote this afternoon, and this time it passed 54-38. Word is it’ll be amended in Senate.


The yeas picked up 18 representatives who either voted nay or didn’t vote on Monday.

The ones who changed from nay to yea: Adcock (Note from Max: thank you for selling the LR school district to the Walton family), , L. Evans, Hardy, Hawkins, Hyde, Kidd, Patterson, Pickett, S. Prater, Pyle, Sullivan and Wagner. Rogers, Petrus, Moore and T. Bradford voted for the bill after not voting Monday.


A few of Monday’s yeas also changed their votes: Lovell, Wells and Gaskill voted no on the bill today, Hall voted present, and Davis, D. Hutchinson and Sample didn’t vote.