Arkansas News Bureau columnist David Sanders sheds a little more light on the drama within Mike Huckabee‘s nascent presidential campaign.

Apparently, Huckabee’s longtime political aide and former chief of staff, Brenda Turner, is “no longer part of the Huckabee campaign.”


When asked why Huckabee would let go of such a trusted force in his life, Saltsman said that Turner would continue to advise Huckabee on political matters. With the advent of technology, that would not be hard to do even though she would not be working on the campaign. …

That was the official story. What isn’t known is what led Turner to leave. Was there some precipitating event or did she just realize that paying a new No. 1, Saltsman, and paying the former No. 1, would be too much of a strain on the campaign’s finances?


Was the idea of playing second fiddle after having the lead role for so long something she didn’t want? I’m not sure. … And what does this say about Huckabee, that he was able to let his longtime chief of staff depart from his most important campaign?