Here I am in Orange County, home of Bullet Bob Dornan and such, and reading with great pleasure that now even principled Republicans are calling for Attorney General Alberto (The Torturer) Gonzales’ scalp for the U.S. attorney coup. And more evidence is emerging of unethical pressure to use the jobs as political bludgeons.

There’s a quick and easy way to deodorize this situation in Arkansas. Tim Griffin, Karl Rove’s pet henchman, should hang it up. His whining his grown tiresome, not to mention infuriating that he clearly plans to remain, if he can, for the  nearly 700 days remaining in the Bush administration but not submit to Senate questioning. There are ample career prosecutors of long and proven service who can handle the job in Little Rock until the Bush administration can come up with someone not too haughty to submit to Senate confirmation, as was done, Karl Rove forgot to say, for all the U.S. attorneys appointed by Clinton. Heck, even Griffin is welcome to submit his name. But he’s not welcome to be the face of justice in Arkansas for two years without confirmation, not with an important national election coming up, and to whine full-time about politics. You want to see some politics, take a gander at Tim Griffin come election time. With a subpoena power, it’s a scary thought.