In an article for, Michael Whiteley writes that local attorney Rick Spencer “alleges that a top aide to ex-governor and presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee pressured judges to rule against injured workers and played a role in the firings of three judges who say they were removed for favoring claimants over business.”

The affidavits filed by Daniels and White allege a pattern of intimidation that left administrative law judges openly joking around the AWCC offices in Little Rock that they could be fired for ruling against Wal-Mart.


[Bill] Daniels, a Monticello, Ark., attorney, said he was told after he was hired by former Huckabee Chief of Staff Brenda Turner that he needed to be mindful of Huckabee’s pro-business stance.

“She later stated that I should ‘remember that we have a very pro-business governor,'” Daniels said in a March 21, 2005, affidavit.


“I believed then that I was being directed by the governor’s chief of staff to interpret act 796 of 1993 and any cases which came before me in a manner that would result in decisions favorable to respondents and the business and insurance industry without regard to the facts and the law,” Daniels said in the affidavit.

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