I’m back, but there will be 12 to 16 hours to get back in synch with LR time.

I hate to mention this (because I don’t want it over-discovered), but I should: The LR National Airport’s new peanuts lot is a GREAT deal. It’s $6 a day. It’s just a few yards west of the short-term lot on the west side of the terminal. And a kind word for American baggage handling, too. By the time I pulled around to the teriminal, Ellen was curbside with our bags. And then, of course, it was about 10 minutes home. Southern California has much to offer, but negotiating LAX and the long, difficult drives to just about anywhere are not among the charms. Give me Arkansas.


Have I missed anything? News tips welcome here. I’ve already added my comments to Shawn Womack’s gay-bashing bill. TV news indicates not much else of great note, except another steamy day in Lonoke. Peyton Place looks positively virginal by comparison.

Final food report: Hawaiian barbecue fast food is the coming thing in Orange County. It was my farewell meal. They have something akin to foot-long sushi. A mighty piece, wrapped in seaweed, and stuffed with rice and either a long, thin slice of Portugese sausage or Spam. You get a variety of sweet-and-sour dipping sauces. I’m not knocking it. The bbq is greasy beef, chicken or pork with rice and — !!! — a scoop of macaroni salad and, to ward off scurvy for the seafarers, a huge scoop of lightly steamed cabbage, which I happen to love. Alas, it’s strictly a fast food scene. No Primo beer or coconut drinks with parasols. But one last new discovery.


My sister’s house offered a panaromic view of the fire that consumed some houses in Anaheim Hills, though far removed. The humidity was at 6 percent. Even though the temp was 93, it was bearable.

Finally, a word on real estate. Tract houses — 1,200 square feet, nothing particularly interesting architecturally, junker cars filling up the small driveways — will cost you $600,00 and up in some dreary suburbs far removed from the famous parts of the sprawling LA megalopolis. Who knows what a Craftsman cottage in Pasadena would cost? Another reason to appreciate Arkansas.


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