We’re waiting for Doug Smith to return with more details, but Sen. Shawn Womack’s bill that would prevent gays, lesbians and unmarried couples — even a child’s blood relatives — from adopting or fostering children passed the Senate Public Health, Welfare and Labor committee this morning. Discussion lasted almost an hour, and there were actually a couple of “no’s” in the voice vote. More details when we get them.

UPDATE: Sen. Tracy Steele confirms he was one of the “no” votes, but couldn’t say who any of the others were — just that he “thought it was close.” And he thinks it’ll be harder to get the bill passed on the Senate floor, where it could come up tomorrow.


UPDATE II: Gov. Mike Beebe still won’t commit on the sorry legislation, but he does note that the bill goes far beyond merely foster care. Presumably he refers to adoption and the decidedly anti-family feature that would prevent blood relatives from adopting and fostering if the state decides to prove they engage in sex outside of heterosexual matrimony. This is hateful stuff. Will the legislature do the right thing? Will Beebe? It’s a far more compelling drama than highway bonds.