U.S. attorneygate. It occurs to me. Tim Griffin might be a nice guy with an abiding love for Arkansas. He might think a political career here would be a wonderful life. But, Tim. When you get there by lies, disinformation, political manipulation and deviousness, what have you gained?

Take the high road, Tim. Separate yourself from the criminals of the Bush administration. Say you’d like public service, but you don’t want a cloud hanging over your service. Quit. Go home to Magnolia. Run for office on your own resume, without political finagling from Bush’s brain, turdblossom. Answer questions about your past. Talk to the Arkansas Times about the Bush caging in Florida in 2000 and 2004. Was it merely coincicdence that black voters were stricken from the rolls in disparate numbers? If you’ve nothing to hide or be ashamed of, voters will like you. Meet the press, Mr. U.S. Attorney. Meanwhile, as long as you’re employed, how about explaining why Republican clerks in Benton County repeatedly tallied more votes than registered voters in 2006.