The bill to prevent gay people from adopting or being foster parents, even if blood relatives of a child, passed the Senate today. No roll call yet. Some tussling on the emergency clause, which failed, needing 24 votes.

The bill passed 20-7. The honor roll:


Nays – Argue, Brown, Bryles, Crumbly, Madison, Salmon, Steele.

Not voting — Hill , J. Jeffress, Luker, T. Smith, J. Taylor, R. Thompson, Wilkins.


Broadway was “excused.”

Debate highlight: Argue asked Womack if he was a homosexual. Madison asked Womack if he believed homosexuals were biologically capable of having children and, if so, did he favor taking children from them should they have them. Womack’s response: He’s proudly heterosexual (though he had no ready way of answering Argue’s pointed question on how you’d prove such a thing, an obvious flaw in the bill) and this bill isn’t about natural-born children. That comes later, undoubtedly, along with the yellow stars.


But the debate did give rise to this question: How many members of the legislature are closeted homosexuals? Where do they stand on this bill?

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