I confess I didn’t delve deeply into the sports pages this morning, beyond the headline on the Broyles-Heath meeting.

But an afternoon e-mail from a Blog reader jogs a thought that I’ve had now and again. Is the pro forma “Stan Heath is a classy guy” opening to  criticism of the Hog basketball coach as implicitly racist as Joe Biden’s “articulate” and “clean” comment about Barack Obama?


The blog reader thinks so. His comment:

I hope you guys make mention of Wally Hall’s column this morning, about Stan Heath. He says in making a case that Stan Heath be fired that somehow got the Razorback job only by “shucking-and-a-grinning” and speaking “correct English.”


Backhandedly, Wally’s is Obamasizing Heath by calling him an articulate and soft-spoken black, compared to the uncouth and outspoken Nolan Richardson.

This is the same method of character assassinations that conservative talk show hosts and others are using to assassinate Obama’s mannerisms, by trying to say he is too white to be black.


What say readers?

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