I’m encouraged to link to a Hog board that is carrying details of Houston Nutt’s telephone records (Definition of dumb: to leave a paper trail on a publicly paid cell phone open to the FOI). They purport to show multiple contacts with the rabid Hog fan and Nutt family friend Teresa Prewitt, who sent the famous flaming e-mails to Mitch Mustain. E-mails that Houston Nutt’s wife forwarded with great glee. E-mails about which Nutt claimed no knowledge, but which he, of course regretted, yadda yadda yadda.

I’m aware of some other details about Freedom of Information requests that dislodged this information. Nutt also reportedly made a number of calls to his agent, at a time when he was professing his love of motherood, apple pie, family values and the Razorback Nation. And, who knows, the records may yet reveal more than this.


Here’s the point: I think Houston Nutt’s bad behavior has saved Stan Heath’s job. I’m begining to believe the reports that he won’t be fired, though no one will be sorry if he finds another job. The dissatisfaction with Nutt is so high; his judgment calls over recent months so bad, that it would be hard to fire Heath and give Nutt a contract extension and a pay raise. A classy act is worth something, to borrow a popular description that has nothing to do with race. Nobody ever accused Houston of being classy.

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