Houston Chronicle says Texas A&M”s big bucks deal with basketball coach Billy Gillispie goes to private review by the university’s governing board today, gets public approval Friday and then Gillispie signs Monday at opening of construction for a new arena.

Who knows?

I can contribute this scrap of info. The UA Board of Trustees had a conference call of a committee yesterday. UA President Alan Sugg was asked about the basketball search. (Meeting began at 4 p.m.) He told Board members Gillispie remained UA’s top choice and that the UA still had a 50-50 chance at landing him.

Which means: 1) It’s not over until it’s over, but 2) the odds seem to favor Gillispie staying at A&M. And, yes, that meeting was 14 hours ago, an eternity in the world of $2 million-per-year roundball coaches.