More news with a racial element.

Here’s Stephens Media, quoting Republican Rep. John Boozman as saying he won’t limit his search for a replacement for the late federal Judge George Howard to black candidates. Democratic Sens. Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln have urged the selection of a black lawyer to succeed Howard, the first and only black person to serve as a federal district judge in Arkansas. Quoting Boozman:


He said he will look for the best qualified candidates, regardless of minority status.

“I think it’s important to have minority representation as best we can, but what I think equally important is that we get the very best people we can,” Boozman said.


ADDENDUM: If Boozman wants to nominate someone supremely qualified, he need look no farther than someone who also happens to be black, federal Magistrate Henry Jones.

ADDENDUM II: Since Rep. Boozman lives in a part of the state where black lawyers are in short supply, a correspondent helpfully provides a list of others he might want to consider:

  1. Gene E. McKissic of Pine Bluff
  2. Eugene Hunt of Pine Bluff
  3. Robert Morehead of Pine Bluff
  4. Troy A. Price of Little Rock
  5. Austin Porter, Jr. of Little Rock
  6. Arkie Byrd Little Rock
  7. Sheila Campbell of Little Rock
  8. Judy Robinson Wilber of Little Rock


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