Silly me. I thought it was safe to stop checking the computer about 8 p.m.

I see that, shortly before 10 p.m., LR School Board president Katherine Mitchell sent notice (to board members, not to the press so far as I can determine) of an “emergency” board meeting to discuss the suit against her by Superintendent Roy Brooks and the question of additional legal counsel.


There is a way to accomplish what Mitchell wants to accomplish that would follow board policy, the law and sound management practice. This is not it. A regular correspondent to me raises a fair point: It shouldn’t be too hard to end Brooks’ tenure in Little Rock, if the buyout route is followed. The pregnant question then is, “what next?” Who’d step into a situation, even on an interim basis, where a single school board member is attempting to run the district unilaterally?

And, no, there’s nothing to be done about Dr. Mitchell absent a change when she’s next on the school ballot. Some of her allies on the board could, however, insist on a more rational board process even if they remain supportive of the final outcome. Place items on the board agenda in advance. Call the items up for discussion. Vote at the regularly scheduled time when the public is able to comment. One-person governance on the fly isn’t just unsound, it’s damaging to the district.


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