Enthusiasm seemed high, so I’ve speeded up the startup of a new food blog, Eat Arkansas.

Click it here. Belly Boy has already posted news to me of a great burger in a Wright Avenue produce market.

It’s a soft opening. It will take a little time to get a rhythm to it. But your notes will be invaluable. Write me at max@arktimes.com

We’ll take tips, food-related news releases, your reviews, your photos — anything related to the wining and dining and noshing and snacking and cooking arts. Attitude welcome.

UPDATE: People are trying to post to the food blog already. Indeed, my control mechanism shows several comments HAVE been posted. But, for some reason, they are not showing up on the website tiself. We have some fine-tuning to do.

UPDATE II: Comments are posted now. I don’t know if they are going automatically. I may have to moderate for a time.

QUESTION: Yes, recipes are OK.