An interesting and entertaining blog in NW Ark. offers a good take on the high scores of Little Rock Central and several other Arkansas high schools on a national high school ranking by Newsweek based on participation in Advanced Placement and other rigorous academic courses.

(If you read on in The Iconoclast, be sure to note that the author’s tongue is in cheek on an item about the proposed UA campus ban on masturbation, but there’s a point to be made. But do read on for some interesting reading on Springdale’s historic aversion to people of color, among other topics.)

AND SPEAKING OF LR CENTRAL: A team from Central won a national championship yesterday, but since it wasn’t football, it might take a while to filter into the daily media, if ever. Specifically, the team won the Federal Reserve System’s “Fed Challenge.” The economics competition challenges students to learn to analyze current conditions in the American economy and recommend action by the Federal Reserve Board to respond to problems of inflation and unemployment through changes in interest rates. Release on jump.