The nominal president said this week that U.S. attorneygate is just political theater and his injustice enabler, Al The Torturer, has done no wrong.

Is lying to U.S. Senator Mark Pryor wrong?

 BY THE WAY: You know, don’t you, that the White House is intentionally taking no action on three nominees for U.S. attorney in Little Rock sent up by Rep. John Boozman? That means, under the Patriot Act, that Tim Griffin, Karl Rove’s boy, can stay in the office forever, without benefit of Senate confirmation. Or at least until the end of Bush’s term. Which was always the idea. The Senate has passed legislation that would require Senate confirmation in four months, but the House passed a differing version. The House is now reportedly ready to pass legislation identical to the Senate’s, but no vote is scheduled. When and if that occurs, the measure would go to the president. He could always refuse to sign it. He clearly prefers a royally administered Injustice Department, as opposed to advice and consent.

ALSO: At Daily Kos there’s some further examination of a fact mentioned in the top link — that Tim Griffin’s appointment was backdated.