Cathedral School happens to have been formed 50 years ago. Coincidentally, sort of, that was a watershed year in Little Rock history. I’m reminded again of that by this note from a reader:

Evidently some members of the “Lost Year” classes are planning a protest at Central on the 50th Anniversary because they’ve been “left out” of all activities.


Can’t you just see a bunch of older, dumpy white people protesting outside a secure perimeter at Central?  Oh wait, I’ve got a photo of that from ’57!

Another interesting tidbit: after Eisenhower finished addressing the nation the evening of Sept. 24, 1957 [when federal troops enforced desegregation], the White House played the national anthem!  Think it was a message to the rebels’ singing Dixie every chance they got?


They’re still some Dixie singing going on in LR, particularly in the daily newspaper, which is steadily publishing an inaccurate history of events tailored to the editor’s thinking, not the facts.



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