Brummett is magnanimous re the D-G report on Jimmy Carter’s assessment of George W. Bush as worst ever in foreign policy. He’s willing to let history work. (Not us. Six years is  record enough.)

George W.’s superficial swaggering arrogance has alienated much of the world and many of our staunchest friends. And, after all, he did invade Iraq for no reason, tragically exacerbating the war he should have been waging against terrorists. Domestically, he has newly politicized the Justice Department and turned over regulation to regulatees.

It may well be that Bush is our worst president ever, altogether. But you simply cannot make historical judgments of that sort on a work in progress.

If we get out of Iraq by leaving behind a functioning democracy and reasonably peaceful society, George W. will not be the worst president ever.


In the very large chance that doesn’t happen, the church-page editor’s scoop will stand the test of time.