I am receiving a batch of Little Rock School District communications today pursuant to an FOI request. It includes communications to the Board from the lawyer, Chip Welch, hired to handle the termination proceeding for Superintendent Roy Brooks.

It’s going to take a while to rummage through the material. But here’s one document, a letter from Welch to Board President Katherine Mitchell, that illustrates the strong role Welch took in urging that the Board settle the issue by a contract buyout, rather than by proceeding to a firing hearing.

Welch, though favoring the buyout, commented about Brooks: “His heavy-handed management, cronyism, disrespect for the School Board, intimidation of school teachers and others and departure from established fiscal policy [a footnote noted 90 hours of overtime in two weeks for one person in his “inner circle”] warrant termination, in my view.”

For the LR gnomes, following are links to the 166 pages worth of documents produced by the FOI of attorney communications.

Pages 1-25. (This includes an interesting settlement proposal by School Board member Baker Kurrus on pages 20-21. It would have shortened Brooks’ contract by a year, required good behavior and given the Board a termination option.)

Pages 26-50.

Pages 51-75.

Pages 76-100.

Pages 125-150.

Pages 151-166. (Pages 165 and 166 indicate that Welch was prepared to expand the list of witnesses and subjects discussed had Brooks’ firing hearing gone forward.)

Also Friday, an additional letter from Michael Daugherty.

UPDATE II. The document release has prompted an extended response (106 pages) from Supt. Brooks to the expanded subjects scheduled for discussion at the firing hearing. He disputes it. Read his response at the links below.

Pages 1-10Pages 11-20, Pages 21-30, Pages 31-40, Pages 41-50, Pages 51-60, Pages 61-70, Pages 71-76, Pages 77-79, Pages 80-83, Pages 84-86, Pages 87-89, Pages 90-99, Pages 100-106.