The Times of North Little Rock today has a couple of stories about activities of the Pulaski County Quorum Court, which dragged into the night Tuesday. The court voted 10-3 to object to County Judge Buddy Villines’ decision to appeal a judge’s order that the county release e-mail of a former comptroller charged with embezzlement. The resolution told him to drop the appeal. He’s not likely to take the advice. The resolution got it just right in explaining why it wanted to drop the appeal:

“As it feels all e-mails to or from government computers, whether work related or personal, are a matter of public record and should be released to the press.”


Villines countered that he was defending a right to privacy and thus upholding his oath to obey the Constitution.

By a closer margin, the court voted to oppose a rezoning for Cyclebreakers, a probation agency controlled by Circuit Judge Willard Proctor. This vote was closer, 7-5. The Quorum Court would do well to reach beyond the zoning issue to numerous questions about the operation and accountability for Proctor’s probation program, which funnels money to the program. Proctor, too, is fighting public disclosure.


And speaking of NLR news providers: Argenta News is still working over the Main Street Argenta program about FOI issues. And there’s news there I’d missed previously about the coming of a boat club for rowers on the Ark. River in NLR.

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