The Levy Project continues to set the gold standard for coverage of the North Little Rock Council. Full details on a proposed all-night hookah bar, apparently with belly dancing, proposed for a spot in the shadow of the Levy Baptist Church. Others have reported on the new noise ordinance that was adopted Monday, but the Levy Project — unfettered by he-said, she-said conventions — explains sharply how this is an invention for the mayor to squash noise he doesn’t like while turning a deaf ear to politically correct noise. Not to mention that, practically speaking, it’s a muddled mess. The item notes that there’s now a Rose City Blog raising hell on the northside. Haven’t found it yet. I’d appreciate a link. UPDATE: Here it is.

What is it about North Little Rock that so inspires democracy? NLR has a government close to the people and a gaggle of blogs working to keep politicians honest  — Levy, Argenta, Rose City, Matilda. Where’s the Chenal Valley blog? The Quapaw blog? The Hillcrest blog? The downtown LR blog? (Check that: the LR DNA is one of the most active groups anywhere, though it doesn’t maintain a blog.)


How’s this for serendipity. An article in the current LA Times on the influence of local blogs on local politicians.

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