Brummett blogs some new details today on Hillary Clinton’s visit to Fayetteville and Little Rock Aug. 20. He notes events likely will include a young professionals event in Little Rock, with a lower ticket price (say $150) good for expanding the campaign base. The Democratic candidates’ development of broader support this year — not just fat cats — takes a page from long-standing successful Republican practice and you can thank Howard Dean for some of the impetus in that positive direction.

Arkansas Times: Report for America

Imagine the power of a dedicated voice bringing to light the challenges and triumphs of Arkansas’s largest industry. With a $25,000 match from Report For America, the Arkansas Times will bring on a reporter dedicated to covering agricultural and environmental issues in The Natural State. This role is crucial: agriculture employs 243,000 Arkansans and generates $19 billion annually. Help us ensure that our farmers and agricultural workers are given the coverage they deserve. Your donation makes a direct impact—support local journalism that supports Arkansas.

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