My usually reliable source is right again. We tried to run this down for publication this week, but the tip that the candidate was a state Foresty employee wasn’t quite right. She’s actually an employee of the timber lobby. (No wonder the business community is excited.)

But that may be unfair.


Anna Swaim, who lives in the Broadmoor neighborhood, has announced as a candidate for the Little Rock School Board against Michael Daugherty, who’s been a member of the four-member group that has shifted directions dramatically in the School District since the last election.

My tipster indicated earlier that she was African-American. I don’t know if that’s so. I’ve asked. She’s not. Unavoidably, race is an issue in this race. She has a sparkling resume, both in personal education and participation in school affairs (she’s recently been president of the Rockefeller PTA). Her brief announcement said:


Anna Swaim for School Board
36 Rosemont Dr .
Little Rock AR 72204

August 1, 2007

For Immediate Release

Swaim announces school board candidacy

Broadmoor resident Anna Swaim filed as a candidate today for the Board of Education of the Little Rock School District , Zone 2 position. 

“It’s the right time for me to bring my years of community leadership experience to a higher level of service on the Little Rock School Board,” Swaim said.

Candidate information attached.


I”ve sent her a few preliminary questions on key issues. I’ll pass along answers when I receive them. News play in tomorrow’s Democrat-Gazette should give you a measure of her support in the business community. The key question for voters come September: Is she an honest broker?

Speaking of candidates: I’d vowed not to mention it, but, uh oh, there’s at least one other potential candidate in this race. That would be Drew Pritt. He says he’ll file tomorrow. He could complicate the Chamber of Commerce’s calculus on this issue. But probably not.


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