After reviewing the Legislative Audit report on Circuit Judge Willard Proctor’s Cycle Breakers probation program — a program that the audit found rife with disregard for Constitution, statute and other rules — Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley has forwarded the report to the State Police for further investigation. (I continue to hear reports of federal interest in this matter, too.)

Jegley’s letter to the State Police is fairly routine, Jegley said, in the context of audits where discrepancies are found. “If there’s potentially criminal violations and there are witnesses to be interviewed, I let the professionals handle it.”


Said the letter:

Transmitted herewith is a copy of a referral from the Legislative Joint Auditing Committee regarding Cycle Breakers, Inc. Please have an investigator determine whether a violation of the criminal law has occurred and if warranted, prepare a case file for prosecution.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Proctor’s allies have scheduled a Quorum Court vote Tuesday, Aug. 14, on ordinances that he thinks — wrongly I believe — will clear up some of the problems in handling of money and other aspects of the program after the fact. The ordinances only perpetuate a broken program. The Quorum Court should not consider these while investigations are underway. If you know a JP, tell them that.


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