Young Republican Leslie Rutledge delivers. Photos from the Huck-a-Bus team in Des Moines today (outside his HQ above), with a brief report, and a promise of a Straw Poll report tomorrow from Ames. Wiithout further ado, from Leslie:

Whew!  What a day, Max!
We have been busy, busy, busy.  The YRs hit the ground running this a.m. and aren’t stopping anytime soon.  Just wanted to check in and send ya some pics.  Pics include from our arrival (note the number of “carry-on” bags)…a necessity really on a campaign trail…pics from the Gov’s headquarters in downtown Des Moines…We were split up all over the town helping the Gov.
We’ve done everything from help set up  for the big day tomorrow to make get-out-the-vote calls.  About 40 of us blasted about 2000 supporters in a short period of time this afternoon!  It was  a machine, my friend!

Tonight, we’re off to the state fair…wonder if they’ll have fried twinkies like we do in the Rock…hmmm…I’m not gonna tell if I eat one đŸ™‚
I wish I could convey to all the folks back home the wide display of enthuiasm and support the locals here in Iowa have shown us.  Their enthusiasm for our former Governor is absolutely electrifying!!
Back on the campaign trail…sorry, the Times forgot to send me the iPhone necessary to update on the hour…
Leslie Rutledge
P.S. I’m counting on that case of beer!  Or better, can buy us a drink upon our return

Clearly, I’m going to have to do better than PBR for this report. Maybe Busch.


No beer?

Working the phones at Huck HQ.