Open mouth, insert running shoes. I refer to Mike Huckabee’s public relations campaign to convince national media that various Arkansas Republicans who’ve been critical of him aren’t representative of a broad swath of Arkansas Republicans.

First, there was his syntax-challenged appeal for Republican support.

Then, there was this blog’s report on the errors in spelling and title — plus the inclusion of a couple of lawmakers who had NOT given permission to be listed as supporters — on the original news release on the “Huckabee Team.”

Today, the Democrat-Gazette follows up. It found a couple of more lawmakers who disappeared in the revised list — Sen. Ruth Whitaker and former Rep. Marvin Parks Childers. And then there was Rep. Frank Glidewell, who said he joined the list but only because he felt “kindly obligated to support our hometown boy until he drops out or whatever he decides to do.” He’d prefer a Gingrich-Powell ticket.


(Note to the Yankee reporters who check this site periodically: “Kindly” is Arkansas legislative-speak for “somewhat” or “kind of.”) Even the roughly 33 percent of the Arkansas legislature that supports The Huckster aren’t particularly enthusiastic. Sound like the kind of guy you want on a ticket to pick up a swing Southern state?

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