It’s rolling.

Here’s a New York Times smooch of The Huckster, though the last paragraph quotes former Republican Sen. Joe Yates, once a Huckabee staffer, as saying he doesn’t support Huck and that he’s thin-skinned. Do tell. … A blogger in Atlantic says Iowa is down to Huckabee and Romney … American Spectator says he could shortly be getting the endorsement of James Dobson (another one I wouldn’t want, but useful in Religious Right-influenced Iowa and elsewhere)

He also gets huge interview treatment in Salon. Exaggerations wanted? Here’s one:

But you have got to understand, it’s hardball politics in Arkansas. And the ultimate thing is this, that I remained un-indicted for all those years is in itself an incredible accomplishment in my state.


Yes, most politicians in Arkansas are eventually indicted.

Huckabee is also quoted as saying “a lot” of ethics complaints filed against him came from one newspaper columnist. I think the Ethics Commission considered 14 formal complaints and decided five adversely to the governor. In terms of formal complaints, my recollection is that I filed two and one resulted in a finding he had not filed a financial report properly. On the other, he changed a story on handling of his 2002 inaugural funds to avoid sanction.

UPDATE: An interview with NY Times blog reveals interestingly that Mike Huckabeer is NOT a strict Biblical literalist.

UPDATE II: Dobson “ferociously” denies plan to endorse The Huckster.

UPDATE III: He may not have Dobson, but he has a slew of Baptists. On the jump.