On account of various errands, I was driving around quite a bit tonight and listening to sports talk shows. Is it just me? Or is it a given that Houston Nutt is toast at Arkansas? Even if the Hogs beat the Tigers?

I don’t really have a dog in this hunt. But I do have a dog in the hunt for the head of the state’s largest university campus (John) who turned the investigation of harassment of a student (Mitch) over to a friend (Houston) of the person (Teresa) who did the harassing. And then proclaimed the whitewash an appropriate response.  I’m also not much impressed by a counsel for, nominally the university, who thinks he’s a counsel to protect whitewashers, not the public interest. It’s a sewer in Fayetteville, folks. If they do boot Houston, it will cost millions to buy out his contract and all those suspiciously extended contracts of his assistants. Who ordered that? I hope to find out. If the FOI law still applies to the University of Walton. And if there’s a Fayetteville judge with the fortitude to say so.



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