With an Arkie on the presidental campaign trail, there are always some points of interest in the morning news scan.

The NY Times campaign blog reports on a joint project with MSNBC to generate public questions for candidates and assemble video responses. Interest groups have infected the questioning, but that doesn’t mean fears of theocratic government or support for medical marijuana are unworthy interests for questions. Mike Huckabee, camera-ready as ever, leads the field in rapid response.

Interesting story in Democrat-Gazette today by religion editor Frank Lockwood on Huckabee’s support by TV prosperity gospel preachers Kenneth and Gloria Copeland (she a native of Howard County, where the couple maintains a jet strip for their rural retreat and a pair of fancy motorcycles on which they occasionally roar through Nashville). Read the story by copying and pasting this link:


We aren’t quite sure why the D-G put a copyright bug on this story, however. A Time magazine story last week (linked here several days ago) mentioned Huckabee’s coming TV interviews with the Copelands. Their contributions to him and the investigation of the Copelands and other high-living televangelists by the Senate have been previously reported.