There’s more in the Democrat-Gazette today about NLR Mayor Pat Hays’ multi-million-dollar giveaway to developer Bruce Burrow to turn swampland into a taxpayer-subsidized sporting goods store. Today’s article is about ongoing work to create a road connection from the east to the shopping center. It will cost millions, destroy another wetland and provide a connector only via a tenuous and difficult route that will still be all but impossible to figure out for people coming from the east on I-40.

Never mind all that. The article mentions a small point that remains relevant — the earlier dismissal of a federal suit over the virtually non-existent environmental impact statement done by the Corps of Engineers on the wetland destruction. The suit was dismissed, not on the merits, but on the plaintiffs’ lack of standing. That suit may be refiled and I have reason to think work is underway. The damaging traffic impact on neighborhoods south of the project has been little discussed and the mayor’s new connector also will play hell in the neighborhoods along North Hills on the north side of I-40.