Not much this Saturday, as usual on a long holiday weekend.

But Brummett offers an interesting angle — how politics might have played a role in Ole Miss landing a presidential debate, leaving UCA a disappointed bridesmaid.


Lu Hardin at UCA is diplomatically staying mum about being bypassed. New Orleans is not. Debate organizers insisted New Orleans, a town well-equipped to handle tourist influxes, didn’t meet technical requirements. These, theoretically include thousands of hotel rooms, but Oxford, Miss., drew in with only 700, which brings us back to Brummett’s point about politics.

And what about the story of the moment — the Nutt saga? Harry King offers:


As for as Nutt is concerned, huggers will point to the victory and say “see that” while haters will say the Razorbacks should have been playing that way all year.

Nutt and Chancellor John White are likely to meet during the weekend and the man making the decision must weigh one of the most remarkable victories in Razorback history against months and months of discontent.

Whether it’s a wholehearted endorsement or a parting of the ways, the decision should be made quickly.



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