Arkansas Times columnist Ernest Dumas, writing in the Arkansas Leader, spells out chapter and verse of presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s tax record. He raised more taxes in 10 years than Bill Clinton raised in 12. And, no, his claim to be the biggest tax-cutter in state history won’t wash either. Copy to Club for Growth. (Note to Internet visitors from afar: Mr. Dumas, a former associate editor of the Arkansas Gazette, has been covering the Arkansas statehouse for 40 years.)

PS — Ernie informs me that he caught one Huckabee tax he’d inadvertently left off the list, the 2001 nursing home bed tax which produced $54 million. (Huckabee prefers to call this a “quality assurance fee” and while it was used to increase federal government Medicaid matching, it also was assessed as a pure tax on private pay nursing home residents.

And, for good measure, an editorial recounting a Huckabee flip-flop on abortion.