It’s Friday night. Maybe I’ll go watch the Nashville Scrappers try to rack up another state high school football championship. (Nope, too lazy.)

Football is on the brain. I just received a fevered e-mail from a reader who says the chatter lately involves a report — I can’t confirm it, or find the reference for that matter –that the UA has dispatched a plane to carry Ole Miss football coach Houston Nutt to NYC for the Heisman trophy ceremony. (Or maybe one of those flight-checker websites shows the UA plane made a stop in Oxford en route to New York.) Nutt’s former player, Darren McFadden, is in the running for the award. The correspondent is outraged at a UA charter, if true.

Can’t be true, because I found this in a Nate Allen column a week ago.

As Ole Miss coach, Nutt won’t accompany the Razorback party on the UA plane to New York, but said, “hopefully I will find my way up there and be able to go up there.”


I can take that to the bank, can’t I? As reliable as if John White had uttered the words.

One thing is certain: big-shot college football coaches don’t fly commercial.

Surely Rainer Sabin will get around to this development while blogging away from New York on his Slophouse blog. He’s been with a nervous McFadden this evening. You’ll find good stuff there.

MEANWHILE: Call this an open line.