The new charter school to be housed in the building at Third and Louisiana owned by Walter Hussman zipped through the state Education Board yesterday. Former LRSD Superintendent Roy Brooks will be in charge. You’ll remember that the organizer of this school disavowed knowledge of a Brooks connection when we first asked him about it. And Brooks wouldn’t talk. Nothing wrong with Brooks having a job. But this is a public school, in theory — not a publicly financed private school that need not respond to public inquiry. A little more honesty and openness would be appreciated.

With Walton and Hussman backing, as the Democrat-Gazette account noted, the school isn’t likely to fail financially. I hope there’ll be some believable tracking of performance. That is, it is no measure of a charter school when a child from an educated, financially stable home succeeds. The measure is performance with children from difficult backgrounds as measured against previous results. So, let us see.