NY Times columnist William Rhoden mentions bicycle doping, Michael Vick and assorted sports scandals, but says he’s more disturbed by something close to our homes:

The episode that bothered me the most — and still bothers me — was the wormy departure of Bobby Petrino from Atlanta, where he was the Falcons’ head coach, to the University of Arkansas, where he replaces Houston Nutt as head coach.

This was the sporting equivalent of adultery with the attendant betrayal: of the owner who hired you, of players who played for you. How do you look your team in the eye day after day knowing that you’re plotting an exit and have another love interest in sight?

And we wonder why so many young athletes coming into these pro leagues seem to have lost their moral compasses. They haven’t lost them. Their coaches never handed them out.

Rhoden, who uses the column for an examination of out-of-control bidding for college coaches, asked UA Athletic Director Jeff Long about the fear that Petrino would some day jilt the Hogs. Save this quote:

“We understand that it could happen to us,” he said. “But I think that we’re getting a different Bobby Petrino than may have been at other places.

“Certainly I think that we have an older, wiser, more mature Bobby Petrino.”

All things considered, that’s not saying much.