THE OLD RUGGED CROSS: John Gibson of Fox News figures the cross in the Huckabee ad was intentional. And good for Huck! And Rolling Stone salutes The Huckster’s “evil genius.”

Seriously. Here he is with a vote-for-me-and-baby-Jesus ad — a spot that has even religious conservatives with their noses out of joint — and Huckabee defuses the tension he’s created with a joke about the White Album?

KILLER BEES: Where’s John Belushi when we need him?

Mr. Huckabee’s campaign events have become increasingly crowded and media-heavy affairs while retaining an oddly lighthearted, even campy feel. Some supporters have taken to showing up at his New Hampshire events dressed up as black and yellow Huck-a-Bees, with big twirly antennas emanating from their heads.


“What are those, reindeer horns or something?” a confused Janet Huckabee, his wife, queried a Huck-a-Bee, Adam Bungert, a student at the University of New Hampshire.

FRONT-RUNNER: Huck’s in a national tie (at 22 percent) with Giuliani in latest Reuters-Zogby.

BAD COMPANY: The Huckster raised some $202,000  in Texas yesterday, courtesy of a sleazy real estate magnate, Gene Phillips. Phillips, whose resume includes acquittal on federal racketeering charges, said he was drawn to Huck by his Christiam message. Here’s some Phillips background.

COUNTER-REVOLUTION. An Atlantic writer talks about the uprising against Mike Huckabee from the conservative echo chamber. Example: Rush Limbaugh is calling him The Huckster.