I hadn’t checked The Iconoclast in several days. I missed a lot. The perspicacious Fayetteville blogger hasn’t taken a holiday.

In his sights recently: lack of accountability for a Fayetteville city hire who was supposed to reduce the city’s energy bill; a disastrous residential development that wasn’t adequately vetted before the environmental damage began; and a funny note on D-G columnist Mike Masterson’s harrumphing praise for a bust of Mexican restaurant operators in NW Ark. who may not have sufficiently observed the letter of the law in hiring employees from foreign countries.


The tasty angle on the Masterson column is that, in the same sanctimonious chorus about the need to obey the law, Masterson lamented the closure of a favorite Chinese restaurant whose owners had reportedly grown tired of the business. The Iconoclast notes that the Chinese restaurant had failed to remit sales taxes. What is it about illegal that you don’t understand, Mike?