A light bulb moment. At least one national writer has beheld the Huck circus — with weird musical accompaniment recruited by son David (above), joke-a-minute humor and say-anything-that-suits-the-moment style — and found it wanting.

But the Huckabee campaign has become a slave to its own freewheeling wit. “Why not?” is the ethos, and this works when you have nothing to lose, but at this stage in the game, the reasons why not are accumulating rapidly.

… The insurgent, so-much-fun-it’s-almost-a-political-lampoon aesthetic of his campaign is now its own kind of posing, as strained as Lamar Alexander’s flannel shirt.

‘YOU DID NOT SUCK’: The towel-popping, snuff-dipping campaign manager Chip Saltsman and a general frat boy scene — complete with !cocktail hour! — suggest a campaign that, if it wins in South Carolina, does so in some measure in spite of itself. Good scene piece by Wall Street Journal.