HOW DUMB: Digby gets it right: Republicans on the war (featured above).

If there is even one person out there who has developed doubts that any Democrat would be better than any Republican in the Oval Office, this should dispel them.

DUMB AND DUMBER: Given an opportunity to explain his dumbassery on WMD, Huckbee lowered himself deeper into the ooze last night by misstating the last-gasp hawk defense that the WMDs existed, but had been spirited away to another country. Problem: The Huckster said they’d been hidden in Jordan, a U.S. ally if you didn’t know. He was supposed to say Syria, although there’s no proof of that either.

HOW LEAN? Stephens Media has a sitdown with Alice Stewart on the operations of the down-sized and cash-strapped Mike Huckabee campaign for president. Are the three Huckabee children, daughter-in-law and brother-in-law among those now working for free? She wouldn’t answer the question. Nobody yet appears to be volunteering the names of contributors to the private slush fund Huckabee maintained as governor, even though he claims he’s happy to release the information. So who’s in charge? And might somebody ask Richard Weiss at DF&A for a refund of the public money spent by his agency on this private work for which no records were kept? Shameful, sleazy business — a black eye for an agency I once thought more of.

HOW PITIFUL: Huckabee has scared up a defender against Jim Holt in NWA. Doug Matayo. Copy and paste: