You don’t think the web matters? Think on it some more.

And, below, think about Michelle Obama’s unwillingness to say she’d support Clinton if she wins the nomination. (ELABORATION: The verbatim question was “work to support” Clinton, a distinction without a difference in my view, but angry Obamaists who can parse with the best of them insist otherwise. The Obamaists also note she provided some additional ameliorating verbal cover, according to a transcript of the nterview and also in a clip now posted that is longer than the original I picked up on Wonkette, but none of the comments signified an answer in the personal affirmative to the original question). Nice gal.

(Addendum: Talking Points Memo, which has been very favorable to Obama — particularly today in coverage of poll numbers — comments on the “decidedly mixed signals” in Mrs. Obama’s interview. He’s at least one Obamaist who doesn’t insist on the B.O.-is-next-to-godliness script for the candidate and wife. And let me state again, unequivocally: I will support Obama if he is the nominee. Whatever his tone might be.)