Terrence Smith, formerly of PBS, weighs in: 

But whatever the case, Hillary and her supporters have reason to complain about the tone of their press notices, if not the substance. Of course, when a front-runner begins to stumble, the coverage is always more critical. And reporters are as subject to Clinton-fatigue as anyone else. But the attacks on Hillary have seemed over-the-top in recent weeks. A barely-suppressed glee often creeps into the commentary when Hillary loses another primary or caucus.

By contrast, has the coverage of Obama been overly sympathetic? Have reporters romanticized the junior Senator from Illinois? Have they glamorized him and his wife? Did they exaggerate the significance of Ted Kennedy’s endorsement? Have they given him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his meager experience?

Of course they have.


ALSO: Media Matters has much to say on hate Hillary speech on MSNBC. I don’t think even Brummett would defend Chris Matthews. Would he? Noted: This piece also recounts hate Obama remarks on the cable channel and also jabs at the response by Bill Simmons, the Democrat-Gazette political editor, to state editor Marilyn Mitchell’s hot resignation note — “indescribably bad” in the case of a “boys will be boys” remark by Simmons.